10 Beautiful Greek Islands You Must Visit

10 Beautiful Greek Islands You Must Visit

Offering stunning beaches, Mediterranean climate and dramatic coastlines, the Greek islands are among the world’s top destinations. The islands boast amazing archaeological sites, fascinating local traditions and European civilizations.

Whether you wish to visit the Greek heritage, dance the night away or go to a remote beach, then Greek offers an island for everyone.

There are 6,000 islands that people can choose from and each offers its own unique charms and beauty.

In this article, we list ten beautiful Greek islands that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

1) Symi

The main town (also called Symi) is built in the beautiful port of Gialos and is surrounded by hills, this area is a major attraction on Symi island. Here you can enjoy the sights of colourful houses and several beautiful churches.

You could also visit the Panormitis monastery that is found on the southern side of the Island. This stunning monastery was built around the 15th century.

Symin is also home to beautiful beaches that have crystal clear waters. Some of the popular beaches in Symi include Emborios, Nos and Pedi. You can consider hiring a bike or scooter to get around the city easily.

2) Elafonisos

This is a small island found in the southwest of Crete Island. It only covers 7.7 square miles of space. The main attraction on this Island is the sandy beaches that have clear turquoise waters.

The Simos beach is also found in the southern part and it has gold coloured sand and calm and clear waters.

If you love camping, then this is your ideal island as it has many places where you can camp. You can also enjoy rides on the clear blue waters and the white sandy beaches. Moreover, it’s also the best Island to enjoy stunning sunsets.

3) Lefkada

This island is recognized as having beautiful beaches, scenic villages, monasteries and historical sites. It is home to 21 unique sandy beaches, which are considered to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

There are plenty of activities that visitors can engage in while visiting this Island.

The Porto Katsiki beach is well maintained as it’s a family-friendly beach surrounded by lush vegetation and high cliffs. Visitors can also explore the Agia Mavra castle, which was built in the 14th century. It’s the best example of fortress architecture. The Agia Mavra castle also has two lagoons surrounding it.

4) Corfu

Corfu is more than just a beach destination, it’s famous for its rich culture, natural beauty and historical sites.

Corfu town is a world heritage site of UNESCO and it contains two amazing Venetia forts. This town has many narrow streets. There is the Esplanade which is among the biggest public gathering square found in Europe. There is also a wide collection of archaeological artefacts.

Corfu is also a paradise for hikers as it has a trail 136miles in length. It also offers some hidden attractions on the island, such as river valleys, majestic cliffs and thick forest.

There are also 57 breathtaking beaches on this island. There is a wide expanse of sand and clear waters and offers a wide range of water sports that visitors can enjoy.

5) Mykonos

This island is found on the southwest side of Greece. This island is famous as it has beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and natural attractions. Among the most popular attractions on this island are the windmills. Of the 16 windmills, 7 are found in Chora town in the hills. The windmills are an amazing sight to behold.

The island is home to amazing churches with the church of Panagia Paraportiani found in Mykonos. This whitewashed, beautiful church was constructed between the 15th and 17th centuries. The Panagia Paraportiani church contains 5 other churches, with four located on the ground while one is above.

6) Kefalonia

This is the largest of the Ionian island. It has breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, amazing beaches and great mountains, this island is a must-visit.

There is a breathtaking underground attraction called the Drogarati Cave which is 3.5 kilometres in length and 40 meters wide. Moreover, the cave also has a magnificent lake inside it, which contains electric blue waters, which creates magical illusions when sun rays come through the opening at the top of the cave.

Visitors can also enjoy sea kayaking. The clear and calm waters on this island provide an amazing kayaking experience for the visitors. You will get to see several cave systems and remote beaches whilst kayaking around the island.

7) Rhodes

This island is recognized for its rich history, small picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and ancient ruins. The most interesting monument in the town is the Palace of Grand Master. This huge Medieval castle is considered among the best-preserved castles of its kind. The palace was constructed in the 14th century. It has 158 rooms highly decorated with several marbles.

Whilst on Rhodes island, you need to visit the Acropolis of Lindos, the Valley of butterflies, a stunning lush green nature preserve that is ideal for visiting.

Visitors normally flock to this valley between June to September to witness the thousands of Quadripunctaria Poda butterfly species. Visitors can also walk along the narrow highways to have a cool experience of this valley’s calm and cool experience. As you walk, you will get to see small rivers and waterfalls.

Visitors can also visit the lovely villages of Lindos constructed on a hill. Visitors get to see several whitewashed houses down the hill. Visitors can also visit this village via narrow paths. While on the top, you can see an ancient acropolis looking over the village. Here, you will see many archaeological remains.

8) Zakynthos

On this island, the Navagio beach is a common tourist attraction. It’s famous for the clear blue waters as well as the golden sands. It has high limestone cliffs surrounding it and can only be accessed using boats. Its also known as the shipwreck beach as you can find ship wreckage of the ‘Panagiotis’ ship, which many believe was abandoned by pirates.

You can also take a speed boat and visit the splendid islet of Marathonisi in Laganas Bay, known as Turtle Island.

9) Crete

Of all the islands in Greece, this is the largest. It has impressive mountains, rich history, friendly people, splendid beaches and gorgeous valleys.

It has some of the best tourist destinations in Greece. Its coastline stretches for more than 650 miles with plenty of amazing beaches.

Balos is a fantastic beach located in Chania city and it’s famous for its turquoise waters, this makes it an ideal place for snorkelling.

10) Santorini

This is undoubtedly the most stunning island and has extraordinary landscapes, splendid beaches, amazing archaeological sites and beautiful sunsets.

It attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe. Visitors will definitely have a thing for the capital city Fira. This town is lined with awesome whitewashed houses. The Oia town is also famous for its small squares, whitewashed houses and narrow streets. This makes it a great place to explore on foot.


Greece has many beautiful islands that are full of character and stunning attractions. Therefore, be sure to visit some of them when you can…you won’t be disappointed!

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