7 Things for the Super Wealthy to do in the Mediterranean

7 Things for the Super Wealthy to do in the Mediterranean

A trip to the Mediterranean makes for a wonderful getaway for anyone who can manage it – but perhaps particularly for anyone who might fashion him- or herself as a high-roller. Not only are the beaches and views absolutely breathtaking but there are so many exclusive spots and experiences it’s hard to keep all the possibilities straight.

To help you narrow things down, here are seven things for a high-roller to do in the Mediterranean.

1 – Eat at SubliMotion – Ibiza, Spain

If you’re interested in fine dining and willing to spend, look no further than SubliMotion in Ibiza, Spain. The restaurants boast one of the most expensive menus in the world, curated by double-Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero. The entire dining experience is completely innovative. Guests enjoy an immersive, theatrical gastronomic show, through the use of virtual reality, while they are served a 20-course meal.

2 – Take a Helicopter Ride over the Mediterranean Sea

There are actually various countries around the Mediterranean region that will facilitate helicopter rides out over the sea. There’s no way to see all of the gorgeous sights in this part of the world in one go, but this is probably the closest you can come to it. Disclaimer: those who have a fear of heights or suffer from motion sickness may want to skip out on this activity.

3 – Stay at Myconian Villa Collection – Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the more popular island destinations in the Mediterranean, for a number of different reasons: It’s a great party island, the scenery is terrific even for an Aegean island, and so on. Among the reasons also is the plethora of luxury accommodations, and the Myconian Villa Collection is at the top of the list.

The private, beachside villas have their own swimming pools with views off of the island. And if you want a bit more socialization, there’s also a saltwater infinity pool for all of the guests. You can also choose between dining at the on-site outdoor restaurant or having a private chef cook for you personally.

4 – Party at Nikki Beach – Ibiza, Spain

Since opening in 2012, Nikki Beach in Ibiza has become a celebrity hotspot, and it’s no secret why. The exclusive beach club offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s special even on an island known for beachside clubbing. The best time to make plans to visit Nikki Beach is during one of the facility’s annual events – specifically the World Famous Amazing Sunday Champagne Party.

5 – Watch the Monaco Grand Prix on Yacht – Monte-Carlo, Monaco

People enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix in all sorts of ways. Some get to Monte-Carlo days early and buy tickets to a practice session, where they can get closer to the world’s best Formula 1 drivers. Some head to Europe’s betting websites and place wagers on drivers before tuning in to live streams of the race. But to take this race in like a true high-roller means to book space on a yacht deck in Monte-Carlo’s famously stunning harbour. You can actually watch the race from this vantage point, and feel like royalty doing it.

6 – Enjoy a Meal at Nammos Restaurant – Mykonos, Greece

Getting back to meals (and Mykonos), one wonderful alternative to the futuristic dining experience at SubliMotion is Nammos Restaurant. This island spot is located right on the beach, and guests are served delectable traditional Greek dishes. There’s also a stylish beach bar just a short sandy stroll away where you can have a cocktail or two in one of the more beautiful settings on Earth.7 – Relax at Sani Resort- Halkidiki, Greece

For a full day of relaxation, you can make your way to the luxurious Spa Suite at Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. Guests can choose from numerous, unique services, including the CACI Anne Semonin Non-Surgical Face Lift, Precious Pearl Ultra-Lift, and Volcanic Thermal Stone Massage. Naturally, there are plenty of lovely spas around the Mediterranean, but this place goes above and beyond.

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