Arnaud Truong

Arnaud Truong is the Founder & CEO of Luxury Worldwide Service, which is a Luxury Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service company for an elite worldwide network of individuals, as well as corporations.

What is Luxury Worldwide Service?

Luxury Worldwide Service is a private members’ club offering global concierge services
around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From the ordinary to the extraordinary,
from comfort-related to emergency requests, we operate in the purest concierge tradition
within the strictest standards of quality of personalized service.

I like to think ourselves as a mixture of a concierge, a bespoke luxury travel agency, event
organiser, property experts, art specialists and magic genies with a little black book. No
one else provides all these services collectively.

What would you say is the key to any good concierge service?

I view success as the result of a proper combination of both threshold and distinctive
capabilities. Therefore, in addition to basic threshold capacities, such as reactivity,
discretion and a widely developed network, I would say it all comes down to the
distinctive capacity of deeply knowing and understanding one’s clients. A good
concierge is like a magical fairy who appears whenever it is needed, automatically
anticipating your needs, while delivering a top quality service and negotiating the best
quotes there can be you. It takes a lot of meticulous effort to get there. This is what we try
to do daily at Luxury Worldwide Service.

Could you tell us about Luxury Worldwide Service’s memberships?

Our memberships are designed to provide our members with their own personal
concierge, with credentials that best suit the client. The concierge will proactively build a
profile for the member and seek out activities, events and business networking
opportunities to suit the member’s lifestyle, while systematically anticipating everyday
needs the client might have.

To this end, we offer 4 types of Membership packages:

The Occasional Assistance Membership. This one is ideal for punctual inquiries or for
people wishing to test our service. It is especially suitable for travelers wishing to let us
handle their stay, both in terms of accommodation, transportation and activities or
appointments. The member is then appointed a 24/7 concierge who will handle all of its
needs for a €250 a day special fee.

The Elite Membership. This one is for occasional travelers with punctual business or
secretarial related inquiries. A concierge is then appointed to the member 7/7 from 9:00
AM to 8:00 PM all year long. The annual fee for this is €4500 per year.

The Infinite Membership. This membership is particularly suitable for frequent travelers with numerous personal and professional needs. If you feel there aren’t enough hours in one day and wish to daily save time, while always getting a tailored assistance, this is the one for you. The member will then get a 24/7 Service all year long for a €9.000 yearly fee.

Finally, there is the Corporate Membership. This membership is aimed for organisations that wish to enrich their customers’ experience with special added-valued services, either to acquire new customers or to ensure the retention of the current ones. We recently published an article in our blog explaining why such services could be interesting for a business. You can have a read here. Quotes are given on demand for such memberships, as the fee depends on the number of clients and targeted services. We like the idea of building completely customized offerings for our corporate clients.

It is also important to note that all of our memberships include Worldwide Access,
Unlimited requests, International Partner Upgrades, Exclusives offers, Privileged and VIP
Access. Those are standards for us.

Arnaud Truong Relaxing
Arnaud Truong

Could you tell us about Luxury Worldwide Service’s services?

Our main expertise relies on the organisation of extraordinary travel experiences, access
to VIP or sold out events, as well as systematically getting our members into the world’s
best restaurants and private clubs. Our main job is to look after them 24/7, and providing
them with any assistance they might need, worldwide. We particularly cherish our unique
black book.

Whether it is a last minute reservation in the most prized establishment, a VIP invitation to
the Cannes Festival opening ceremony, the booking of a private jet in a couple of hours
notice, the organisation of your wedding ceremony in a historical French castle, the
purchase of a rare Hermès Birkin bag in the blink of an eye, or the need to provide your
own clients with the finest assistance, our services are designed to save our members time
and improve the quality of their lives.

Who are Luxury Worldwide Service’s clients/members?

Our membership offerings are meant both for companies and their clients, as well as for
individuals. Our members range from VIPs, UHNWIs, Royalty, and Travel aficionados, to
busy entrepreneurs, such as private banks and luxury brands. Our client base has grown
with our company – from being London, Paris and New York centered to becoming truly

Where (geographically) does Luxury Worldwide Service operate?

Our head office is in France but we operate globally. This is something that our clients truly
value, as most of small human-centered concierge services only operate locally.

What differentiates Luxury Worldwide Service from other concierge services?

We are not trying to build the largest concierge service corporation, but rather to excel
within a very narrow circle. This is why we limit our membership subscriptions at 120 a year.

We provide a highly bespoke and discreet service and make it our main priority to deeply
acknowledge our members’ lifestyles, in order to ensure the pre-empting of their needs.

Could you tell us about one of your client’s/member’s stories with Luxury Worldwide Service ?

We helped some of our members during Hurricane Irma in St Barts, which was a
particularly delicate task, as we had to race against the clock and manage a wide range of
complicated expectations at once, on both occasions. Many of our members were involved in travel disruption during this episode and it was our job to get them from ‘A’ to ‘B’ as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How do you foresee Luxury Worldwide Service’s development in the coming years ?

While our services are meant for any kind of UHNWI, I feel truly inspired by entrepreneurs.
Being one myself, I feel that I truly understand them and can be of help in both their
personal and professional fulfilment. This is why I wish to further develop Luxury Worldwide Service’s entrepreneur service offerings and make sure to constantly adapt to those kind of bumpy and exciting lives. Sealing special deals with major or emerging tech industry innovators to provide our members with state-of-the-art inventions, being able to locate any prospect, anywhere in the world at anytime or providing top consultants and influencers – usually out of reach – to ensure my clients’ businesses’ prosperity are examples of what we are currently working on. Eventually, a strong community of inspiring people might be built and new perspectives be born.

What brands or companies do you admire?

I believe that each brand carries a set of values and I feel this is what needs to be
acknowledged when answering this question.

Therefore I would say:

Tesla Motors, for its fantastic ability to evolve, innovate and create, while presenting the
world with mind blowing technical capabilities.

Rothschild Group for its longevity, its impressive capacity to adapt and endure throughout

Hermès, for combining both of the above.

Quick questions (worldwide):
Best holiday destination? Portofino in Italy
Best Event? The amFAR Gala in Antibes
Best Bar? The Berners Taverns in London
Best Restaurant with a view? Asiate in New York
Best Private Member’s Club? Annabel’s in London
Best Hotel? The New York EDITION
What’s a concierge’s best kept secret? Our clients’.

To find out more about Luxury Worldwide Service please visit:
or call +33 (0)1 76 42 03 57

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