We chat to Ash Rehman, founder and CEO of The Billionaire Concierge, a market leader in providing global luxury concierge and unique lifestyle management services to high net worth individuals and the ultra affluent.

The Billionaire ConciergeWhat is concierge, what does a concierge service provide?

The traditional concierge provides assistance to hotel guests by relieving them of the more mundane aspects of a holiday such as booking tours & making theatre reservations.  As a luxury concierge and lifestyle management company we remove the spatial, temporal, and modal constraints of that service and assist affluent people in acquiring whatever they need or want. The scope of the service is limited only by the imagination of the client (excluding impossibilities) and can include sourcing gifts, chartering yachts and jets, or making bookings at the most exclusive restaurants around the world.

Where did the idea for The Billionaire Concierge come from?

It seems to me that the needs and desires of the rich and affluent rise with their fortunes.  However, fulfilling these needs it not always simple.  My time in retail taught me two important things; the products or services they require are not always easily obtained and that they were often either too busy or simply had no inclination to navigate the tedious paths of acquisition. Thus, the idea for an exclusive concierge service was born, to help unencumber my clients and allow them to spend all their time enjoying the products.

What is your background?

I started off in luxury retail and then went on to pass my financial exams. I was a mortgage advisor in London for one of London’s biggest mortgage brokers.

What makes you different from other concierge companies?

Exclusivity is the real service we seek to provide. We look to provide our clients with this exclusivity throughout their experience with exceptional products, services, and experiences; excellent customer service, and the best possible prices.  All is done to ensure that our clients will not be able to receive the same from another service provider. We always have our clients’ best interests at heart.  We believe in quality over quantity and our consistency keeps our clients loyal.

What areas do you cover?

Our head office is in the UK but we cover Monaco, LA, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Qatar and Moscow too. We provide a 24/7 global service.

What kind of products or services are your clients after?

The requests we get can range from an exclusive Picasso painting to a 1st edition novel. Typically, we get asked for exclusive watches and cars. Experiences is where we excel. Whether its access to an exclusive event, dinner with a high-profile celebrity or playing golf with a tour pro, we can make it happen.

Can you name any famous clients who have used your concierge service?

Unfortunately, we can’t because our clients like to deal with us in confidentiality. Suffice to say that they range from Royal family members to wealthy moguls.

What is your favourite luxury brand or what brand do you most admire and why?

My personal favourite brands are Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana. There is a certain originality and creativity in Dolce clothing that simply isn’t matched. Tom Ford pieces are simply a must for every gentleman’s wardrobe. Also Louis Vuitton when it comes to travel and accessories.

What is the single most expensive order you have supplied and what was it?

There has been a sale of a private jet and a purchase of a luxury yacht for one of our biggest clients. Not the most expensive but a deal for £300,000 handbag was an interesting one for sure, it was a Hermes Croc Birkin.

What are your future plans for The Billionaire Concierge?

The Billionaire Concierge is in talks with some major brands about doing a few exclusive collaborations and The Billionaire Luxury Clothing Collection is also in the pipeline.

Thank you for your time today Ash and good luck with the new clothing range.


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