Donald Trump Jr. Net Worth

Donald Trump Jr. Net Worth

How much is Donald Trump Junior worth?

Donald Trump Jr. is an American T.V. personality and well-known businessman. Trump Jr. is the son of the former United States president, Donald Trump, and the former Olympic skier Ivana Trump.

Donald Trump Jr.’s net worth is approximated to be over $300 million. Most of his wealth has been obtained from his position in the Trump organisation. His three eldest children own a portion of the wealth, as they also have stakes in the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

Donald Jr. was born on December 13, 1977, in New York City. He has two siblings Ivanka and Eric, and three step-siblings Barron and Tiffany.

Trump Jr. is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics.

Donald Trump Jr. runs his father’s businesses alongside his brother, Eric, who takes part in the businesses running as a CFO. He was never active in his father’s administration, but he did play a part in his father’s campaign and transition.

He is no stranger to controversies either, he was recently backlashed for a tweet about the current vice president Kamala Harris, that people deemed to be racist. This tweet led to other Democratic candidates condemning his actions.

He was divorced in February 2019, and he is currently dating Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News personality.

Donald Jr. has five kids from his former wife, Vanessa, namely; Kai, Donald John III, Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe.

Donald Trump Jr. is a sought-after public speaker and has delivered top-notch speeches throughout the United States and internationally.

Donald Trump Junior and WikiLeaks

Trump Junior was said to have been in direct contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. He exchanged direct messages with the WikiLeaks Twitter account between 20 September and 12 October 2016.

The U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that it was Russian hacking, according to the New York Times. On October 7, 2016, the intelligence community publicly stated that U.S. intelligence officials had high confidence that Russian intelligence had hacked leaked emails from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman.

Donald Jr. took it upon himself and responded to two of the messages from WikiLeaks. Later on, WikiLeaks decided to release Podesta’s emails. Intelligence agencies later discovered that Trump Jr. had decided to meet with a Russian attorney, who had promised information that would discredit Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign, which she eventually lost to Donald Trump senior.