Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth

When one mentions the name Eminem, all that comes to the minds of most people is the multi-platinum selling American rapper, actor, and record producer.

Through his music career, he has become one of the most influential and highly rated white rappers in the world, releasing hit songs starting from the mid-90s.

Success from his music has seen him get paid highly and consistently throughout his career. Thus, enabling the American rapper to amass a lot of wealth, which brings the question, how much is Eminem worth?

Every year, the rapper has managed to earn around $20 million, this figure could rise $35-50 million in the years he went on tours to support an album.

These earnings bring Eminem’s estimated total net worth to more than $230 million.

Background and Childhood

Marshall Bruce Mathers was born in 1972 in Missouri USA. In his childhood, he went through many hardships, from his parents getting divorced, his mother struggling with drug and substance abuse and moving around staying with family members.

In school, he got bullied a lot as he was a loner. This is because he frequently changed schools. He sparked his interest in rapping after listening to his first rap song titled “Reckless” from the album his half-brother gifted him.

The rap song featured Ice-T and was the soundtrack to the movie “Breaking”. Just listening to the iconic rap song changed his mind about the career path he wanted.

Eminem’s Rap Career

At the young age of 14, he was already performing in rap battles and had even adopted a rap persona from his initials M&M.

His reputation quickly grew in the streets of Detroit, and he became very popular with the Detroit rap groups. He even got invitations to collaborate with some of the big names and successful rap groups in the Detroit rapping scene, which grew his reputation even more.

After having some success in the street rap battles, he released his debut album Infinite, produced by a record company known as Web Entertainment in 1996. The album did not perform that well in terms of sales, and it would seem like his career was to fail from the start.

Meeting DR Dre

His career got a big breakthrough in 1997 when he met DR Dre. The rapper had travelled to LA to perform in the Rap battle Olympics. Even though he did not win, he caught the eye of a staff member of Interscope Records which ended with the rapper linking up with DR Dre, founder of aftermath entertainment.

Music Releases and Commercial Success

His first project with DR Dre was the Slim Shady LP, which was an instant hit with DR Dre being the executive producer. The album sold millions of copies even with the heavy criticism it faced. It earned him a Grammy Award for best rap album and also got certified 4X platinum.

The other albums released with DR Dre were absolute hits and performed very well. Starting with the Marshall Mathers LP album released in May 2000. This album is in the history books as the fastest-selling rap album since sold more than 1.8 million copies in the release week. The album went on to become the highest-selling rap record.

With the rapper having success in music, he ventured into acting and his film career started with the movie 8 miles. The movie was an instant success, and he won an Oscar for one of the songs in it. He later fell into drug addiction, but during that period of struggle, he released The Eminem Show. The show sold more than 20 million copies.

After the pill addiction, he returned with the album Recovery, which had single songs such as Am not afraid and Love the way you lie that drove it to succeed commercially.

After a long silence, he came back in 2017 with the album Revival. Even though it sold over a million copies, it remains to be his lowest-selling album since signing with DR Dre.


In his career so far, he has won several awards such as the Academy Award for best original song, 15 Grammy Awards, 17 billboard awards and eight American Music Awards.

Other Income

Over the years, Eminem has landed lucrative endorsement deals from big corporations that add to his net worth derived from his music. One such lucrative promotion is the Beats by Dre endorsement that earned him millions, and there are more to come.

The rapper is one of the best-selling music artists with more than 170 million albums sold worldwide. Through his music and other artists under his label, he has managed to make millions that have contributed to his net value of more than $230 million.