Jason St Pierre Clarion Invest

Clarion company director, Jason St Pierre, has extensive experience of business, finance, sales and negotiation spanning 20 years over 4 continents.

From working with property development companies in Asia to foreign exchange companies across Europe, Jason has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of connecting investors to companies seeking funding and has been involved with fundraising for numerous companies who have raised amounts of £20million+.

What do Clarion Introducers offer?

Clarion provides a platform for companies seeking funding to connect with suitably qualified, eligible and appropriate investors.

At a time with increased regulations around SME capital raising and crowdfunding it is important that companies seeking funding are only connecting with suitably qualified sophisticated investors who can understand any relevant risks of investing in businesses of this nature.

Who do you work with?

SME companies seeking funding for their businesses or projects. This may include a property developer looking for a flexible funding solution for a construction project or a start-up company looking for seed capital through EIS equity offerings.

We work with angel investment networks to ensure we are meeting the right audience on behalf of the companies that we work with.

And finally, we work with private investors seeking to achieve income and growth through SME investment offerings as part of a larger portfolio.

How much funding can companies achieve?

On average we work with companies looking for between £1m – £25m in capital funding but have the potential to introduce companies to funds, family offices or corporate finance houses that can take over and manage larger projects.

What risks are associated with capital investment or expansion funding?

There are risks involved with any investment, however some more than others. It is important to note that investing in early SME companies can carry a significant amount of risk and is only in many cases appropriate for suitable High Net Worth, Sophisticated or Professional Investors.

That being said, the potential returns can be quite significant also. EIS investments can offer substantial growth alongside attractive tax benefits. Though only appropriate or relevant to individuals for which it would benefit as part of a larger portfolio.

Investing in SME companies can be very exciting, you get a feeling of personal investment into a company or project and a nice warm feeling when you watch them prosper, but again should be part of a bigger picture and you should never bet the house!

 How do you ensure that any investment offering or project is safe for prospective investors?

Whilst we do not make any warranties, guarantees or recommendations about the companies we introduce to prospective investors we do undertake a number of due-diligence checks to ensure any prospective investors are given as much clear and transparent information upon which to conduct their own due diligence.

These may include visiting any prospective property building project physically to ensure that it is clearly underway.

Checking and conducting verification of the professional experience of all board members to ensure that they have the professional capacity to undertake the business of which they propose.

We check that all applicable planning permissions have been sought and approved before any fundraising starts. That there are sufficient structural safeguards in the investment to provide creditor security on behalf of investors, and finally that any investment offering information has been approved by a duly authorised company in compliance with the Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA) under section 21 of the financial promotions order. This means that an FCA regulated company has verified and approved the investment and supporting documentation to ensure the information provided is “fair, clear and not misleading” and an accurate representation of the company’s existing or proposed business.

Can you give us an example of one of the projects you’re working with?

More recently we visited a company in Yorkshire who are building a large eco resort, hotel and spa development. The company achieved planning and already has construction underway.

This is particularly attractive as they have already signed agreements with a large hotel group to manage the resort and the land assets including planning rights have been secured by debenture on behalf of investors.

The resort will be a first for the UK in many regards and will benefit from an increasing number of “stay-cationers” who are turning to eco lodges as a peaceful stay within the UK in the uncertainty of brexit and with low exchange rates.

We’re also working with an emerging technology company who have pioneering software that integrates with all major CRM systems to provide assistance linked to company telephony. This is something that is in the initial discussions of being taken on board by a number of large banks and financial institutions and qualifies under the UK government’s generous Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) providing attractive tax incentives for professional and high net worth clients.

Further, we have just established business relationships with a UK property developer that has over a £200million development portfolio spanning 15 years. The company builds and develops commercial properties on behalf of some of the world’s largest brands.

Ultimately if your company is seeking capital raising, we can provide services or facilitate introductions to industry professionals who can provide assistance at all stages of your fundraising.

For more information visit: www.clarion-invest.com