Hand Painted Murials

Everyone loves to be surrounded by beauty. Ten millenia ago, men and women took time to enrich and personalize their living spaces by thoughtfully adorning cave walls. The same urge is integral to the human experience today. After a day with a database or a week on the road, eyes and soul alike beg to be disarmed and comforted by immersion into a beautiful room. A magnificent, carefully designed interior space refreshes the soul and stimulates the mind; indeed, a well designed room is almost essential to set the scene for personal and professional progress.

Mural StaircaseOne of the most impressive treatments in any style of interiors is the addition of custom, hand painted murals, décor, and paintings. Like the great cave artists, we still enjoy enveloping ourselves with colors and patterns that simultaneously relax, engage and stimulate. Great houses and palaces around the world in every era have been adorned by the artist’s touch. Themes range from panoramic landscapes to pretty botanical scenes and virtually anything else the designer can imagine. Hand painted murals done on commission and created exactly for the space have always been the expected standard for this type of finishing embellishment.

In this age of mass-manufacture, hand painted wall ornamentation has acquired a cachet like never before. A few artisans still create these works of art, although they are largely unknown outside the highest echelons of the luxury finishings market.


Murals can and have been done in any type of room, but throughout history, the living and dining areas in luxury residences have naturally received the most artistic ministrations, as they are the centers not only for the family to nourish and connect with one another, but also the scene for entertainment; the natural forum through which the family signals its elegance and uniqueness. Today, one encounters a number of hosts and hostesses who wish to create an impactful experience for guests within the guest powder room, where it is possible to create a jewel box effect without structural changes through Chinoiserie murals hand painted on gold leaf paper. Custom muralists and wall covering artists are also accustomed to requests for gardens within bedrooms and are skilled in the creation of private oases; sanctuaries far from the madding crowd. In the restaurant and hospitality industries, murals are key constituents of uniquely welcoming, unforgettable spaces. Virtually any space can be transformed into an artistic statement through hand painted décor and murals. Unique treatments enhance the quality and value of the space.

Woodham Mural

A handful of proven studios around the world provide the high quality mural painting services sought by aficionados. One such atelier, Paul Montgomery Studio, has been providing these services for over 35 years and has an impressive roster of clients ranging from celebrities to royalty. Paul Montgomery’s work can be found in hotels, palaces, government buildings, and private aircraft and encompasses themes from the grand landscapes of European masterpieces to gilded, Georgian sitting rooms to Chinoiserie panels with customer requested birds.

The incomparable refinement of hand painted wall embellishment is never out of vogue and is available to the discerning connoisseur worldwide through Paul Montgomery Studio. www.paulmontgomery.com


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