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Global Property Portfolio specialises in the introduction of UK and overseas residential and commercial property and property related investments.

We aim to match property buyers and investors with the right opportunities currently available in the market place.

We offer insightful and unbiased analysis and news on all aspects of the global property and real estate markets, including UK & Overseas lifestyle and residential & commercial investment properties.

Whether you are a seasoned property investor or new to investing, our principal objective is to help you build a successful property investment portfolio.

We will take the time to get to know you and understand your investment objectives. We will discuss your attitude to risk, desired investment term and how you want to receive your return of capital.

Property can help you diversify your investment portfolio with a wide range of investment opportunities in a variety of asset-backed sectors such as:

Affordable Housing Investments

Buy-to-Let Property Investments

BMV Property Investments

Loan Note Investments

Care Home Investments

Student Housing Investments

More Investment Opportunities

Find out how you can make your money work harder and smarter with low-risk property investments that can provide a very high ROI!

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