Nike has collaborated with design firm Teague to create the ultimate luxury, futuristic looking private jet for professional athletes.

The emphasis is very much on rest and relaxation when teams are travelling between games.

The first thing to note about this super luxurious concept jet is how much space there is inside. The plane originally designed to carry 400 passengers has been redesigned to carry just 13 team members. This layout does have the option to be modified though should it need to carry more passengers.

nike concept jet interior

The plane comes equipped with lie-flat seating in an area that is free of overhead lockers so that it gives off an ambience of space and relaxation. A fully equipped recovery zone allows trainers and physios to immediately treat injuries sustained during a game, instead of waiting hours until they land and get back to their respective treatment rooms. Also on board is a self-serve food area that can be stocked with nutritious food and drinks so that athletes can begin their recovery process as soon as they board.

Nike Concept Jet lie flat Seating

Down below in what would have been the cargo hold, is a large lounge for team meetings and celebrations etc.

The lounge also has screens fitted so that teams can watch reviews of games and discuss strategy. The large open space of the lounge is designed to encourage movement and walking so that the athletes can promote circulation in their legs.

This concept plane is much more that a flying rest room though. Teague and Nike plan to dress the players in sensor equipped clothing that collects real time physiological data to monitor pre-game nutrition or post game recovery, even the toilets have been fitted with special sensors to monitor a player’s hydration levels.

Nike concept jet performance clothing

At the moment all this is just a digital concept and no team has yet come forward to purchase one. However, given the massive financial outlay teams now invest in players with their transfer fees and exorbitant wages, a plane like this could make sense, if it helps to get more out of each player and give a better return on the clubs investment in them.


Images courtesy of: Teague