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Property and alternatives help you diversify your investment portfolio with a wide range of investment opportunities in a variety of asset-backed sectors such as:

Affordable Housing Investments

Demand for affordable housing continues to rise and with developer lending still restricted by the banks, investment opportunities not previously available to the public start with a very favourable ROI (Return on Investment).

Buy-to-Let Property Investments

The concept of buying a property and renting it out to generate an income is not a new idea but it can still be incredibly profitable.

BMV Property Investments

Below Market Value property investing enables you to buy with a paper profit already in place and significant gains to be made as prices rise further. Investment opportunities start from a very low level and as much as 25% below market value.

Loan Note Investments

Loan Notes offer a low-entry option for investors with the option to increase holdings over time (depending on availability).

Care Home Investments

With the population ageing, demand for quality care homes and assisted living is set to double by 2030. Property developers are actively working on projects now offering above average returns.

Student Housing Investments

Student property continues to be in demand – redevelopments of existing premises and new builds make excellent investment opportunities with high returns and significant capital gains in major cities.

Trading Accounts

Learn how to trade stocks and shares, forex and crypto currencies etc.

More Investment Opportunities

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