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Everyone has a favourite Bond supercar and a favourite Bond lady, but what if the beautiful woman was also the owner of a supercar with a passion for exotic cars much like the supermodel Jodie Kidd? This week The Wealth Scene caught up with the man behind, Sangeeth Segaram – 34 year old rising entrepreneur responsible for the “world’s first wealthy dating and social networking club exclusively for supercar owners and non supercar owners”  to gain some insight into the concept of finding love through supercars – with thousands of supercar enthusiasts around the world, could be your one pit-stop for love.

What inspired the move into online dating with supercars?

The site is not your conventional online dating site per se. It combines Millionaire Networking (Supercar Circle) and Millionaire Dating (Supercar Dating) on one site ergo The site was inspired to inject a sense of fun & adventure into the Millionaire Networking circuit with an emphasis on building real relationships via common interest, as oppose to just how rich someone was. Women I spoke to, found that many men on millionaire dating sites pretend to be wealthy and lacked common interest.

I understand you are also a property developer, can you tell us about some of your developments?

I develop properties that are commercial and residential in Malaysia & London with a view of long leasing 70% of my portfolio to corporate clients and the rest for sale to the millionaire circle.

Tell us about Supercar Dating as a company and how it is all going since you launched in August 2014?

The site already has a Supercar Circle (Millionaire Social Networking) component to it. We are experiencing a 20-30% monthly increase in membership since launching globally on 21st Feb 2015. There are 5 trademarks on the site and we have in the last several months made Headlines in Hollywood News, The Sunday Times UK and City A.M. The site is on track to be worlds N°1 Millionaire dating site for jet/yacht/supercar enthusiasts and owners.

When did you first realize a gap in the dating market for the wealthy and what’s the story behind it?

I realised late 2013, there was a gap in the market when I noted that 40-50% of supercar owners were single due to lack of time efficient alternatives to conventional dating. Many dating apps using matching services based on user appearances can be time consuming and often leave the customer in a black hole to discover their suitable partner with similar interest.

With, the entire site is geared towards the Supercar Lifestyle. Users you meet will be career driven individuals/professionals with/without a supercar that enjoy the Supercar Lifestyle ( jet-set holidays, high octane experiences, track days, supercars, yachts, fine art appreciation, and Michelin Dining to name a few). Our site is geared towards ensuring that the first “15 Golden Minutes” of meeting someone for the first time sails through smoothly and sparks chemistry; we do this by emphasising and marketing the Supercar Lifestyle common interest.

I gather you own a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster, is that the only supercar you own or have there been others?

I have owned a 2008 Gallardo coupe, a 2008 Gallardo convertible, a 2011 Lamborghini lp560 spyder and presently the lp640 roadster. I intend to keep the Murcielago lp640 roadster as part of my collection. My next purchase to add to the collection would be a lp570 Superleggera Gallardo and a Murcielago SV which I envisage I will pick up in the next 6-9 months with the caveat that the mileage is less that 3000 miles from new. 3 Lamborghinis and a Mercedes AMG in which London should provide sufficient respite in between the highly supercharged board meetings. I also own other cars in Asia.

Supercardating at Motorexpo

I am sure your clients have some fantastic cars, can you tell us about some of the more unusual or rare models?

My members consist largely of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus owners across the world. Each of the cars be it high performance or supercar have an inherent sense of identity, fun and driving excitement. Every cars driving experience is unique. That is to say Lamborghini and Ferrari owners, will still enjoy a Lotus drive – vice versa.

How do you define the specifications for what qualifies as a supercar?

The site registration page has a list of supercar/high performance cars accepted on the site. Our acceptable supercars range from Mercedes AMGs, classic cars, track-only cars to Paganis.

Arranging events appears to be a sizeable part of your business, is this something you manage yourself within the company or is it more through collaborations? is 90% a Millionaire Online Dating and Networking business. 10% of our events consisting of Beauty Pageants, supercar meets, showroom openings, VIP Michelin Dining experiences and live comedy are done in collaboration with existing established leaders in the events & entertainment market

I’m sure as with most start-ups there have been both positive situations to deal with in the early days of business – on the positive side, what surprised you the most? And, on the negative side, what problems did you come across that you really did not anticipate?

Positive situations have been the rapid growth in membership, making news in over 50 countries in a span of 12 months and headlines The Sunday Times UK and Hollywood news in 2015. The main problem we faced initially was explaining to people that while the site is called, it was open to anyone in the world with a supercar interest. We corrected this misconception using targeted press releases, ensuring clear corporate communications were relayed to the press with special reference to our double page headline story in The Sunday Times UK in 2015.

You planned to expand Supercar Dating in 2016 for Canada and the USA, how will your business model differ in North America to the UK?

We are in fact already in USA and Canada at present. The site is now a global Millionaire Networking and Dating site which is regulated by the ODA (Online Dating Association). The business model remains the same, which is a subscription based service across the world. Anyone with a supercar lifestyle interest across the world now has the opportunity to experience via, be it for dating or purely millionaire networking. We operate an Invitation only model for non supercar owners to Supercar Circle (Millionaire Networking with a Supercar Touch)

You have an advice column and exclusive book collection coming out especially for the wealthy about the dating scene ‘Eloveator Pitches’, why do you think it is hard for a professional to find love?

Millionaires and professionals are often limited to meeting new people due to time constraints. Furthermore, being on the millionaire dating and networking circuit, its very easy to fall prey to opportunists without the right advice.’s blog titled Corsa (this is the sports button on a Lamborghini) has articles written in collaboration with a former management consultant, London Business School MBA and author of Mr Wouter Moerloose- on the art and science of finding and sustaining Love in the Millionaire Dating circle.

Abby Leigh - Miss Motors 2015 Pageant Winner
Abby Leigh – Miss Motors 2015 Pageant Winner

You are about to launch a unique millionaire relationship compatibility assessment system “At-Traction Control” how does that work?

At-Traction control is a detailed 10 minute algorithm on how to decide if the person you are dating is millionaire relationship material. 50% of UK relationships end in divorce, we believe we can assist in modelling relationship sustainability & enhancing relationship longevity precognition. More details of this will be on the site in the next 2-3 months.

What is your own personal favourite luxury item you couldn’t live without and why?

My favourite luxury item is my collection of LV/Hermes belts. Every supercar owner needs a belt. has already set the wheels in motion for its own luxury belt which can only be bought by Supercar/high performance car owners on the site. The Belt which will have the letters SC (Supercar Circle) on it will be instantly recognisable and constructed from Palladium and carbon fibre textured. Instantly owners that are in a club/event/fine dining experience will be able to recognise one another and have a common interest/lifestyle to talk about. The belt will retail between £575 – £675 RRP and available in baby blue or black. It will be sold solely online via the site and have the initials of the specific member embossed on the belt.

What are your ultimate goals for your business and the website in the future?

We aim to be the N°1 millionaire dating and networking site in the world in 5-6 years. We are expanding rapidly and aim to make the supercar lifestyle accessible to anyone who is driven and passionate about living life in the fast lane across the world.

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