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Lomax + Wood

Lomax + Wood

Lomax + Wood supply and install premium, durable and traditional style made-to-order timber windows and doors throughout the United Kingdom. They offer an entire range...

Vesta Interior Design Launches to Service Luxury Property Market

A new interior design firm which specialises in luxury property has launched. Vesta Interior Design is a boutique design house bringing the efficiencies of...
Eleesa Dadiani,of Dadiani Fine Art Gallery

Eleesa Dadiani, Founder and Owner of Dadiani Fine Art Gallery

Eleesa Dadiani of Dadiani Fine Art Gallery chats to The Wealth List. The first art gallery in the UK to accept multiple cryptocurrencies. You have...
Pavlo Schtakleff - Luxury furniture brand Sé

Pavlo Schtakleff, co-founder of Luxury Furniture brand Sé

In 2007, when the sought-after European furniture brand Sé began, Pavlo Schtakleff had a goal – to reclaim the glamour and quality of 20th century furniture and to become...
Crestron - Luxury Technology for Sumptuous Living

Crestron – Luxury Technology for Sumptuous Living

Smart technology has been making waves in the world of luxury interiors for some time, but there’s more to lifestyle technology than closing the...
Aqua Platinum

Aqua Platinum – Swimming Pool and Spa Design Trends

When your business is designing and building high end, bespoke swimming pools and spas, no two days (like no two pools) are ever the...