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Bespoke Yacht Charter

Alexander Coles, Founder and CEO of Bespoke Yacht Charter

Bespoke Yacht Charter offer the definitive luxury yacht charter experience on the French Riviera, throughout the Mediterranean and worldwide, with fully independent yacht charter...
Matty Zadnikar - Seanet Europe

Matty Zadnikar, CEO of SeaNet Europe Ltd

The Wealth List chats to Matty Zadnikar, a prolific Belgian entrepreneur and founder of SeaNet Europe about the rise of the global sharing economy...
Arnaud Truong

Arnaud Truong – Founder & CEO of Luxury Worldwide Service

Arnaud Truong is the Founder & CEO of Luxury Worldwide Service, which is a Luxury Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service company for an elite worldwide...
Paolo Macchiaroli - My Private Villas

Paolo Macchiaroli, CEO & Founder of My Private Villas

We chat to Paolo Macchiaroli, the CEO and founder of My Private Villas about his unique approach to luxury villa rentals. Hi Paolo, can...
Jen Atkinson, CEO of ITC Travel

Jen Atkinson, CEO of ITC Travel Group

The Wealth List chats to Jenifer Atkinson, the CEO of ITC Travel Group, the Chester-based travel group. Firstly, tell us about ITC Travel Group? ITC...
Huw Lloyd - Ahoy Club

Huw Lloyd, CEO of Ahoy Club

Huw Lloyd is an experienced finance technology leader, having grown a business supplying the world’s largest corporates with specialist finance planning software for over...