Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez is a renowned YouTube celebrity, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He has acquired millions over the years through various projects such as podcasting, online courses, and selling sleeping glasses.

Tai Lopez’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

Early Life

He was born Taino Adrian Lopez in Long Beach, California, on April 11th, 1976. He was raised by his mother and grandmother due to the fact that his father was in prison throughout his childhood years.

Lopez’s family did not have much money and therefore at six, he began his first business, selling tomatoes for his mother. After some time, he switched to a lemonade stand once he realized that he could not sell many tomatoes. It was then that his career of entrepreneurship began.

Like many poor kids, Lopez found it difficult to make new friends, so he resorted to reading books under his granddad\’s advice. This helped the young Tai to appreciate the importance of learning and gaining knowledge. To date, he claims that this is the most significant thing that has resulted in the consistent growth of his net worth.

How Tai Lopez Makes Money Online

Tai Lopez is a successful entrepreneur, and he has made money through various online businesses.

Lopez came into the limelight in 2015 through his TEDx talk show, where he claimed that he read a book each day. He offers online courses to help people get rich and promotes them through paid YouTube ads.

His YouTube video “Here In My Garage” in 2015 went viral (watch it below), where Tai talks about the benefits of knowledge. This video was used to promote his online training program called “67 Steps.” This is a monthly subscription program that promises to teach you the 67 Steps to “The Good Life.”

How Tai Lopez Increases His Wealth:

1. Online courses

A good amount of his money has come from his online courses, specifically the 67 steps program that he launched in 2014. The program focuses on self-help and entrepreneurship. The system has over 200,000 subscribers. He also has VIP Tai Lopez programs where people pay a monthly fee to access the content he has to offer.

2. MentorBox

Alongside Alex Mehr, Lopez owns a company where they recommend and provide books to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their social life. Participants pay a monthly fee, and they can access content in text, video, and audio formats.

3. Podcast sponsors

Lopez promotes sponsors for a fee. Since 2014, he has sponsored significant sponsors such as LightStream, StockX, and TalkSpace. His podcasts can get up to 800,000 downloads, so the sponsors must be paying him handsome sums to promote them.

4. Selling sleep glasses

According to him, selling sleep glasses earns him between $3000 and $4000 every day.

5. Affiliate marketing

When recommending books, Tai uses affiliate links, which, of course, earns him even more money.

6. Coaching and consultation

On his millionaire life coach website, Tai charges a monthly fee of $9750, and the course can run up to a year. The VIP mentor coaching system is even costlier. It can cost a single client between $50,000 and $100,000 to get a one-on-one consultation.

What is the Net Worth of Tai Lopez?

Given that Lopez flaunts Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and large fancy houses, many people think he’s a billionaire. That could be the case, but right now, his net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

He flaunts his lavish lifestyle on social media, and many people have started to question the source of his wealth. That has not stopped him from creating a massive following on social media, though.

Given peoples’ appetite to get rich quickly, Tai’s net worth will probably continue to increase. As long as social media ads and podcasts exist, he will always make money, and who knows, he may one day make it onto the Global Rich List.

Tai Lopez’s “Here In My Garage” Video:

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