Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

The kings of ancient Babylon knew a thing or two about luxury. In fact, the hanging gardens that graced their royal palace were among the wonders of the ancient world. After my recent visit to the beautiful Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, with its own Babylonian-inspired hanging gardens and palatial accommodations, I can see why.

With an enviable location right on the shore of the Dead Sea in the peaceful and culturally rich kingdom of Jordan, the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar takes full advantage of its otherworldly location and stunning views with its terraced gardens, multiple refreshing swimming pools and abundant greenery. Occupying the lowest altitude on Earth, the Dead Sea is known for its rich mineral content and high level of salt, making it a great place to float in the buoyant water while treating your skin to some mineral refreshment. Add to that the highly oxygenated air and filtered sunlight thanks to the low altitude and there couldn’t be a better place to find one of the world’s best five-star resort hotels.

In keeping with this healthful atmosphere, one of the standout features of the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is the large and elegant Ishtar Spa by Resense located on the property. This is one of the biggest spas I’ve been to, occupying three stories and with a bright and welcoming feeling throughout. The luxury doesn’t stop there, however. Each of the over 300 rooms and suites on the property features the same peaceful, sunlit look with an elegant and modern décor and beautiful views of the Dead Sea and the mountains beyond. The hotel’s Royal Villas take the luxury up a notch with multiple large living spaces and private pool and beach access. Dining options to suit every taste are also available right at the resort with every restaurant offering the option of dining outdoors on the terrace.

It would be worth going all the way to Jordan to just to visit the Dead Sea and the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar but there is so much more to see nearby. While in Jordan, I had to fulfill a dream and see the ancient city of Petra in person. This city was carved into the sandstone hills over two thousand years ago and the size and beauty of its buildings speaks to prosperity Petra once enjoyed. Visiting this special place was also enabled me to meet some of the local people and really get a sense not just of the amazing history of this country but also of the wonderful hospitality and friendly spirit of its citizens. This trip definitely brought the best of the ancient and modern worlds together.